The following document will guide you through completing an Ardens referral letter template. 


Please note - local referral forms are only available for practices and organisations who have purchased the Ardens Pro toolset package, however national referral forms part of the Ardens resources are available to all customers. For more information about the different Ardens options please click here.

Accessing Ardens Referral Letters from the Patient Record

From an open consultation in a patient record navigate to Documents > Create Letter in the left-hand panel within a consultation (alternatively outside of a consultation, click on the Add option on the EMIS ribbon and then Document > Create Letter).

Please note - if you want to include the open consultation in the referral letter, ensure you save the consultation first and access the document via Add > Document > Create Letter.

This will open the New Patient Letter screen, which will display the document templates you have recently accessed.

If the document is not displaying in the recently used list, click on the magnifying glass to search. This will open the Find Document Template screen.

Housekeeping tip - to clear recently used document templates from the cache on the left hand panel, click on the X next to the document. This ensures that the user is not picking up older versions of a document. 

Search for the template using the search box provided or by using the folder navigation pane and selecting the Ardens folder > Ardens (CCG name) folder.

Double click the required document to open or single click on item and select the OK button.

The document will usually need the end user to choose what is to be included in the referral letter e.g. investigations, consultations and problems.


Tick or untick the boxes to include or remove the information in the document.

The patient demographics including NHS number and contact details will be merged into the document where appropriate. Allergies, current medication and allergies are usually merged from the patient records by default.

Any additional information or free text can be added before the document is completed.

Click the File option and the Save and Close (or the relevant option).

Adding an Ardens Referral Letter to an ERS Referral

If the document is to form part of an ERS referral it can also be attached to the relevant ERS referral on the NHS E-Referral Service if an integrated referral letter is not being created.

Within the referral screen:

If the referral letter has not been completed prior to launching this screen, click on the Add Referral page, then select Referral Letter in the left-hand pane. Click Select Template, use the Template Letter screen to select the required referral template, and then complete it, including any free text prompts if required.

If the referral letter has already been written, always type 'See referral letter' in the free text section in the first page of the screen and attach the prepared referral letter using the Clinical Content page and then selecting the Document option, select the relevant document to attach. 

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: