Ardens includes a large number of auto-populating standardised document templates for practices. The document templates includes:

  • Benefit forms - producing reports for patient claims i.e. DS1500.
  • BMA template letters - responses to support GP workload.
  • Cervical screening letters - including screening, invitation letters and DNA letters.
  • Child protection letters -reports auto-populating relevant information to support planning meetings.
  • Consent forms - for various procedures e.g. coil removals, implants, joint injections and minor surgery.
  • New Patient Registration forms - to standardise recording of important information from new patients.
  • And more....

To access the Document Templates:

  • Within a consultation, select the Documents > Create letter option.
  • Outside of a consultation, select the Add > Document > Create letter option.

This will display the New Patient Letter screen.

Click on the magnify glass to search for the relevant document template.

This will display the Find Document Templates screen.

Search for the document template using the search box provided or folder navigation pane. If using the folder navigation pane, select the Ardens > Ardens Docs folder:

Select the relevant document template and click on OK to launch (alternatively double click on the document to open).

Depending on the document template set-up, you maybe asked which consultations and/or problems you would like to include. Select the information to proceed.

The selected document will launch with the pre-populated information:

Complete any additional information and select the File > Save and Close option once finished.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: