The Ardens End of Life report has been designed to support practices with analyzing and auditing patient deaths. 

To locate the search and report, navigate to the Population Reporting > Ardens Searches > 4.11 Conditions - Frailty, CH + EoL > Daffodil reports folder.

Patients who died last quarter search

This search is looking back at the last quarter for all patients (including deducted, deceased, emergency etc.) who have either been coded as deceased,  have the Registration Status of deceased, or their GP links Registration Status shows as deceased.

Daffodil Report

The Daffodil Report displays the patients who died in the last quarter, where relevant coding has been entered. To view the results of the report, select View Results on the ribbon.  This will display the following information:

  • Patient details, including date of birth and ethnic origin
  • The date of death recorded, or date of registration flag added
  • Whether the patient was on the EOL register
  • If the death had been recorded as expected or unexpected
  • If next of kin/carer had been recorded
  • Whether carer support was offered
  • If the DS1500/CHC was completed
  • Whether Enhanced SCR was recorded
  • The cause of death 
  • Whether the patient was known to the PC team
  • If there was a Care Plan in place
  • The patients place of residence

If any of this information has not been coded, the column will appear empty.

This report can be exported to Excel and sorted or manipulated if required.

Please note – the Ardens 'Death Documentation' Template, includes a page to capture after death analysis. This information will be pulled through into the Daffodil Report.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: