Ardens have created a suite of Carer Audit searches to assist practices with management of carers and to monitor carer activity. 

To access the searches, navigate to the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > 1.3 Ardens Admin Searches > Carer Audits (including young carers) folder.

The Carer Audits folder has been broken down by sub folders to make it easy for you to navigate to the information you need. You may choose to right click on the 'Carer Audits' folder and select Run, to run all searches contained in this folder, or you can right click on the individual folder you need and select Run to view the results.

Each sub folder will contain both searches and reports. 

The Carer Audit searches are based on patients being coded as a carer and for patients to appear in the searches they must have an appropriate carer code.

For further details on which patients have met the search criteria of a particular search, select the required search and click on the Population Included tab. The Population Excluded tab will show those that have not met the criteria.

To view details of the carer reports, select the report (1. Age of carer in the images above, shows an example of a report) and click on the View Results option on the EMIS ribbon.

Search Folder Definitions 

All carers 

This folder contains a search to identify all carers of all ages registered currently at the practice. Based on this search, there is further reports available to show the list of carers by age, type of carer and ethnicity. 

Search number 4, looks at the total number of the registered carers that have had health checks this year. Practices can choose which time frame they would like this based on. To do this, right click on the search and select Run and then Yes, this will open the Run Parameters screen in which a specific time frame can be set e.g. after or on 1 year before to show for the year. For carers requiring a health check, Ardens has provided a Carers Review Template and a NHS Health Check template, please see the bottom of this support article for further information. 

Search number 5, will show those carers that have received a flu vaccine in the timeframe you have selected. 

Carers aged 18-25

Similar to the above search folder, however, this will only show patients that are aged 18-25 years. 

Carers aged under 18

Similar to the above search folder, however, this will only show patients that are aged under 18. 

Long Term Carers

This folder contains searches to identify patients that have been coded as a carer more than 5 years ago.

For patients appearing in search 2, you may wish to review their carer status to see if this is still relevant, adding 'no longer a carer' if appropriate. 

Recently/Newly Registered Carers

This folder contains a search to identify registered or newly coded as a carer in a timeframe of your choice, along with a breakdown of those that have had health checks and received the flu jab.

Supporting Resources 

Practices may find the following clinical templates useful when capturing carer activity:

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: