The Ardens NHS Health Checks invitation searches has been designed to help practices to identify which eligible patients need to be invited in for their NHS Health Check.

To locate the searches, navigate to the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > 5.36 Contracts - NHS Health Check > Invitation Searches folder:

1a. Send invite

Based on those patients that are eligible for the health check, the Send 1st invite folder will show patients that are due a 1st invitation and have not had an invite in the last 5 years. The folder is further broken down by priority groups based on elements of QRISK present in the patients record e.g. a patient with high BP, family history of CVD and a smoker, will fall into a higher priority group than a patient who is just a smoker. These searches enable practices to prioritise patients to invite should they wish to. Alternatively, if stratification is not needed the All - 5y interval search folder will identify all patients eligible for a 1st invitation irrelevant of which priority group they fall into - please note, patients appearing in this folder will also appear in the relevant Priority Group folder.

For each eligible group there is a further break down by communication methods:

  • 1. Send 1st Invitation: SMS - if the patient has a mobile phone number on their record and have not declined contact by SMS.
  • 2. Send 1st Invitation: Email - if they do not have a mobile phone details (or have declined contact by SMS), but do have an email address and consent for emailing.
  • 3. Send 1st Invitation: Post - if they have neither of the above, they will display in this list.
  • 4. All of the above - combines SMS, email and post and provides practices with one list. 

The Send 2nd invite and Send 3rd invite folders are not broken down by priority groups, but will  identify all patients due a 2nd or 3rd invitation. These patients have had a 1st or 2nd invitation sent more than or equal to 28 days ago but have not been coded with a NHS Health Check completion code, indicating the patient has not yet had their health check.

1b. Consider invite

This folder contains patients coded as EOL, or on the LD, SMI or Dementia register. Patients with these conditions are still eligible for an NHS Health Check but some practices may choose not to invite them, therefore separating them from the main invite searches enables this.  Other practices may wish to invite these patients, but may wish to invite slightly differently or may wish to invite some conditions but not others, the report under the searches shows the conditions and enables you to export and filter if needed.


1c. Consider visit > Housebound/Care Home

This folder contains very similar searches to the above, however breaks it down by patients in a Care Home, or patients coded as Housebound.

The zDenominators/Subreports search folder gives a breakdown of the eligible patients. This is a useful folder to understand why a patient is appearing in a particular eligible search.

Please note patients on a statin are not eligible, however the medication needs to have been issued in the last 6 months.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: