The Ardens NHS Health Checks Searches has been designed to help practices audit and report on details of NHS Health Checks, as well as enabling you to identify which patients need to be invited in for their NHS Health Check.

NHS Health Check Invitation Searches

The following searches will help practices to identify which eligible patients are due 1st invitations. 

To locate the searches, navigate to the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > Ardens Main Searches > NHS Health Check Invitation Searches folder:

The patients eligible have been broken down by those with additional risk factors (e.g. those with a mental health condition, those with a QRISK score more than 10, those with a BMI more than 30) and no additional risk factors.

Each are further broken down by communication methods:

  • Send 1st Invitation: SMS - if the patient has a mobile phone number on their record and have not declined contact by SMS.
  • Send 1st Invitation: Email - if they do not have a mobile phone details (or have declined contact by SMS), but do have an email address and consent for emailing.
  • Send 1st Invitation Post: if they have neither of the above, they will display in this list.

The 'NHS Health Check done/declined/DNA in last year' search will report on activity, for more detailed audit searches, please see the 'NHS Health Check Audit Searches' section of this support article.

NHS Health Check Audit Searches

The following searches will allow practices to report on NHS Health Check activity recorded in the last quarter. 

To locate the searches, navigate to the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > Ardens Manager National Contrct Reports > NHS Health Check I Quarterly reports folder.

Based on the NHS Health Check cohort, practices can report on the percentage of NHS Health checks done last quarter and percentage of NHS Health Check invitations sent.

Further searches are available within this folder to allow practices to break down NHS health checks done by age and ethnicity, the outcomes of the NHS Health check, new diagnosis recorded 6 months after the NHS Health check and those patients not done.

Please note  - If you require to report on a different time frame, the searches can be amended to reflect this. However, please remember changes will be lost in your next routine update, we therefore suggest making a copy of the search to your practice folder.

NHS Health Check Templates

Ardens has also designed an NHS Health Check clinical template, using this template will ensure you are capturing the relevant data extracted within these searches:

We have also made available an NHS Health Check Invite document template as well as an NHS HC Results document template.   These can be found by clicking from within the patients care record Document > Create letter and searching for the relevant document.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: