People living with severe mental illness face one of the greatest health inequality gaps in England. CCGs have a delegated responsibility to improve physical healthcare for people with SMI in line with their legislative duties for addressing equalities and health inequalities.


This Locally Commissioned service is aimed at individuals with an SMI and who are the responsibility of primary care, and detail of the requirements are to be found in the guidance document “Improving physical healthcare for people living with severe mental illness (SMI) in primary care” issued by NHS England in February 2018.


To help monitor and support these requirements Ardens has produced a suite of searches.

To access the searches navigate to the Population Reporting module > 5.3 Ardens National Cntract Reports >Ardens SMI (Severe Mental Illness) Reports) folder.

1. Part 1 All Part 2 Checks Completed

The parent search includes patients currently on the practice SMI register, excluding patients recorded as ‘in remission’.


All of the other SMI searches are based on the population above.

The following folder also include a search to identify patients with all 6 checks and additional search to include pulse for those practices requiring this information:

2. Part 2 Core Physical Health Check Components

This search reports on the number of patients with SMI who have received the components of the comprehensive physical health assessment, 12 months before the search date.

3. Part 3 Additional Elements

These searches report on the number of SMI patients who have received additional elements of the check as listed in the last 12 months.

4. Part 4 Follow Up Interventions 

People with SMI should always be supported to take up any relevant interventions and should be called and reminded. However, in some circumstances individuals may decline an intervention.

Where this is the case, there should be documented evidence of refusal in clinical systems. To reflect this, ‘declined’ codes are included in searches for reporting.


All of this suite of searches reports on patients in the practice SMI register and looks back 12 months from the search date:

For more information about the criteria set in these searches please see the ‘definition’  tab;  to see patients who have had follow up choose Patients included and for those who need a follow up please see Patients not included.

5. Part 5 National Screening

It is important that patients on the SMI Register should be monitored for uptake on national screening in a similar way to the general population.


These searches report on the uptake of national screening by patients with SMI.

6. Work to do

This search folder will identify work still to be done.

Please note - the Ardens Mental Health Template  is available to support practices recording data for SMI health checks. 


7. Additional Searches 

Includes a variety of searches to report on where patients have had the SMI health check, Mental Health Care Plans recorded in the last 12 months and patients who have had a SMI physical health check and all core checks completed in the last 12 months by clinician type if required.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: