The Mental Health template includes all requirements for the Mental Health SMI (Severe Mental Illness) review. 

Access the Mental Health template in one of the following ways:

  • Click on the Run Template option within the consultation.
  • Click on the Add > Data using Template option outside of a consultation.

Clicking on either of the options above will display the Template Picker screen. Search for the 'Mental Health (Ardens)' template using the search box provided or folder navigation pane. Select the template and click on OK.

SMI Review

At present, SMI reviews include patients with diagnosis of a bipolar or psychotic disorder.  A patient with depression, anorexia or another mental health illness could also be defined as having a Severe Mental Illness and could have the ‘On SMI Register’ read code added to their record, but because of how QOF has historically defined Mental Health as bipolar and psychotic disorders only, these patients are not included in SMI reviews at present.



Reporting for NHSE

Reports are available for all of the components of the SMI review. These can be found in Population Reporting > Ardens > CQRS and SMI searches > Ardens SMI (based on SMI register) folder .


 There are some differences to the NHSE Technical specification:

  • Only BMI is reported on as waist circumference is not required in the specification
  • Only BP is reported on as pulse is not required in the specification
  • The specification mentions that declined codes can be used but does not specify which ones. These have therefore not been included as of yet until we hear from NHSE as we have contacted them recently.
  • The searches have been set to the last 12 months to allow the users to adjust the relative run date.


For ‘work to do’ for the 6 measurements, please click on the ‘Patient Excluded’ tab for the relevant search. This will display patients that have not met those particular requirements. We recommend accessing the patient record and adding the relevant code once the appropriate health check has been completed.


If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: