Exporting EMIS reports to Excel, allows for further filtering and sorting of data. This is particularly useful for practices who may wish to prioritise calling patients in for annual reviews or vaccinations. 

The following 6-minute video shows you how to export information from your EMIS system and further filter the data in Excel by mobile phone, email addresses, particular conditions and by age. 

Please note - the following video is based on using the Ardens COVID Vaccination searches. 

Please note - when the results have been exported to a CSV file, if you are not seeing the dates correctly, please highlight the 'Date' column, right click and select 'Format Cells'. Click on the 'Custom' option followed by the type of 'dd-mmm-yy'. Click 'OK' to format changes.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: support-emis@ardens.org.uk