Near to the end of the current financial year, practices may wish to start sending recall invitations to patients that are due recalls for the next financial year e.g. early March you would like to invite in April patients. The Ardens LTC Recall System searches are set up to looks at the current financial year and a relative run date will need to be added, this support article will show you how to do this.

Navigate to the Ardens LTC Recall Searches (previously the Chronic Disease Recall System) within the Population Reporting module and right click on the 1st Invitations folder and select Run.

Select Advanced options and enter a date e.g. 1st April 24.



Click Yes. This will display the Data Parameters screen to be able to select the month of birth you wish to invite in.


When using the Invitation Coding searches, you will need to batch add the invite codes as of todays date.  This will allow the receptionist to use the 'LTC Recall letter sent display 23/24' protocol to identify which conditions the patient has been recalled for, if the patient contacts before April to book their review. 

Please note the above process (adding todays date) will code the invite for this fiscal year (2023/24). In order to meet the QOF requirements for next fiscal year, the patients must have an invite code recorded on or after the 1st April 24, you will therefore need to repeat the batch adding process, but this time batch schedule the code to be added 1/4/24.


When batch adding  the code, in the Batch Scheduling section select the Schedule option and add the date e.g. 1st April 2024.



This will then not add the code to the patients records until 1st April 2024.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: