The Ardens Contact Detail Searches supports practices in identify patients with incorrectly coded or missing contact details and details on patient warnings. 

To access the searches, navigate to the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches  > 1.31 Administration - Registration > Review - Contact detail and preferences folder. 

This folder includes searches to identify patients over the age of 16 years who are missing either a mobile number or email address. 

We recommend accessing the patients records and updating accordingly. If you do not have the updated contact details for the patient at that time, consider adding a note to the patient record, to remind practice staff to obtain this information when the patient next presents or contacts. 

For patients that do have an email address or mobile number but are missing consent, this can be identified using the following searches, 

The consent status can be updated in the patients registration or by accessing the Ardens New Patient Template and selecting the appropriate option in the Consent page (alternatively use the Ardens Communication Preferences and Contact Details template). 

To identify patients preferred contact method, the following search and report can be used.

Once run, select the report and click on View Results on the EMIS ribbon to view details of preference for each patient.

Further searches are also available for identifying patients that have declined telephone contact and any information accessibility requirements. 

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: