Ardens has created medication related searches to support practices with identifying patients on medication that may need extra care or monitoring. The following searches maybe of interest to the pharmacy team or clinicians with special interest.

To locate the searches, access the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > 1.4 Ardens Clinical Safety Searches > Medication Related Searches folder. 

The Medication Related Searches folder is broken down by a number of sub folders:



Amitriptyline and Oxycodone: reports on patients currently on this medication and no suggestion of a opioid monitoring review in the last 6 months. Clinicians may wish to use the Ardens 'Chronic Pain Review' template when monitoring the patient. 

Anticoagulants: identifies DOAC patients and those that require bloods and/or weights prior to reviews. Including searches to identify where clinicians may wish to consider increasing, reducing or stopping medication based on the patient's medication dose.

Carbimazole and female of child-bearing ageidentifies female patients of child-bearing age currently taking Carbimazole and are not on any form of contraception. Clinicians may wish to review these patients to advise the risk around pregnancy.

DMARDs: suggests patients to review as no FBC, U&Es and LFTs in last 13 weeks.

Drugs of low clinical value: identifies those patients issued medication in the last 3 months of low clinical value, who may benefit from a review. 

EPS: reports on the number of patients with an EPS nomination, providing details of the pharmacy and those patients on repeat medication. 

Esmya: identifies patients currently on Esyma. 

Libre: identifies diabetic and LD patients issued with Libre in the last 6 months. This includes eligibility searches. 


Medication safety indicators : reports on the BSA safety indicators. Further information on this can be found in the following support article

Mental Health: identifies patients currently on Lithium and indicates were no lithium level has been recorded in the last 3 months and those with a overdue TFT/U&E/bone monitoring. 


Metformin with renal failure : reports on patients that have been issued with metformin in the 3 months before the search date but have a latest GFR of less than 30.

Miconazaole and wafarin: identifies patients taking metformin with a eGFR below 30.

NPSA steroid alerts: reports on patients who have recently had multiple issues of steroid medications or a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis of Hypoadrenalism. For further information on the Ardens NPSA resources, please see the following support article


Polypharmacy: identifies those patients who have 10 or more medications on repeat but have not had a Medication review in the last 6 months.

Spironolactone and ACE or ARB: identifies those patients currently on Spironolactone who clinicians may wish to review as the patient has had no recent bloods, latest GFR is below 30 or raised potassium.

Tramadol and SSRI: identifies patients on repeat Tramadol and a SSRI.

Unopposed oestrogens and non-hysterectomised: reports on female patients without a indication of a hysterectomy that are currently on Oestrogens.

UTI antibiotics audits: reports on suspected UTIs in the last 3 months.

Valproate pregnancy: identifies females of child-bearing age taking Valproate. Please note Ardens has produced a Clinical Safety warning, which will flag in the patient record if practice staff are prescribing Valproate to a female patient of child-bearing age. For further information on the Ardens Clinical Safety Alerts see the following support article.


Warfarin: monitors those patients on the warfarin register – including their targets, indication and duration.


To further understand the criteria included in each search, click on the Definition tab for the relevant search.


For further information on the Ardens 'Structured Medication Review' template to support recording data for medication reviews, please see the following support article.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: