Many of the Ardens searches include associated reports. These reports enable the results of the search to be displayed in a table format, displaying additional helpful information.

A report can be created as a standalone report, or it can be based on the results of a existing search. If the report has been based on a search, it will sit slightly indented underneath the search (see below).  


To run a report, highlight the report and click on the Run option on the EMIS ribbon, alternatively right click and select Run. 

A prompt will display, asking if you want to ‘Run Report?’ Click Yes.

Running the report will automatically run the search it is based on ensuring the results are up to date.

The search and report will Queue and when it has finished running, you will see the resulting numbers in the Population Count column.


To view the results of the report select View Result on the ribbon:




This will display the report in a separate tab.

Usually the report will include columns displaying the information from the search criteria, however often Ardens have added additional useful information e.g. f the patient has an appointment booked.

You are able to edit these reports to include additional information if required.  Select Edit Report on the ribbon:


This will display boxes containing the information from each column.  On the left side of the screen will list all the available options to add to that specific column header e.g.. Patient Details box highlighted will have all the Patient Details data on the left:



Select the tick box next to the data you wish to add to the report.  You are also able to remove information already in the report by clicking the red cross:



Clicking on a different section will change the options available on the left:



To add additional criteria to the report.  Select Add on the ribbon and select the appropriate category.


Select from the left the additional data you wish to include.

On the ribbon click Save and Run, this will re-run the search and report, click View Results on the ribbon to view the edited report.

 To export the report to further filter and sort the data.  From the View Results  tab, click Export on the ribbon.  


We recommend you select CSV for the format and then tick the relevant boxes.

Save the report to an appropriate place on your computer.   You will now be able to edit the report within Excel.

For more information on editing and filtering data in Excel, please see the following support article 

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: