Ardens has created a number of recall letters to support practices using the Ardens LTC Recall System. Further information on the recall system can be found here.

For practices that wish to add further instructions to the recall letter for the patient's annual review, please see the following steps.

Step 1 - Add Descriptive Text to Invitation Code

In order to include instructions for the patient's appointment, a descriptive text must be included when batch adding the invitation codes. 

Once you have run the Ardens LTC Recall search folder for the appropriate birth month and before sending the recall letter, access the Code Invitations folder for either 1st invitations or 2nd Invitations and select the Batch Add option on the EMIS ribbon to add the relevant invitation code.

When adding the code, use the Descriptive Text field to include the instructions.

Please note - only the Descriptive Text will appear in the recall letter. 

Step 2 - Printing the Letter

Once the batch coding is complete, select the relevant search and click on the Mail Merge option on the patient record.

Select the appropriate options and select OK.

Navigate to the the required template using the magnify glass.

Enter either 'first recall letter' or 'second recall letter using the search field provided (alternatively navigate to the letter using the Ardens docs folder on the right hand side).

Double click on the appropriate letter.

Ensure the correct printer is selected and the Save in Patient Record option is also selected. Click OK

If you prefer to use a generic recall letter, follow from Step 2 and ensure you select the correct letter e.g. Long-term Condition Recall Letter (Ardens).

If you require any further assistance on any of the above, please contact Ardens support on: