There maybe some CCGs that include the Ardens searches suite for practices within the Enterprise Reporting Unit. The CCG will be responsible for scheduling the searches to run on a set basis and practices will be able to view the results of the searches in the Population Reporting module.

If practices to wish to view results of the searches in real-time, this can be done by copying the required Ardens searches into the practice searches section.

Please note - many of the Ardens searches rely on sub-searches. It is important to copy the folder of searches you wish to use and NOT the single search or report.

To copy the searches, right click on the relevant Ardens sub-search folder and click the option Copy. Do NOT copy and paste the entire Ardens folder, as this will potentially slow down and crash your EMIS system.


Navigate to the practice search folder and select a folder location to paste the searches. Right click on the folder and select Paste.


This will copy over the selected searches and can be run as normal.

Please note - any copies of the Ardens searches you make will not be updated. Always ensure you have the latest version of search folders before running searches and acting on the results. 

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: