Ardens has developed a suite of comprehensive EMIS Web searches and reports to assist practices with the management of contract requirements and good clinical practice.

Please note – If you would like access to the latest Ardens Searches prior to your next update, please download from our portal.

The Ardens search suite comprises of the following folders (click on the links to see further support articles):

Ardens LTC Recall System

The Ardens LTC Recall System is a month of birth recall system designed to allow practices to streamline chronic disease management using fewer appointments by completing the review for multiple conditions at the same time. The following searches will help practices to identify which patients to call in for their annual reviews and to appropriately code the patient has been invited. 

Ardens Diary Recall System

The Ardens Diary Recall System allows practice staff to easily manage diary recalls for blood tests, injections, procedures, and long-term condition interim reviews. These searches will support practices with future planning, by identifying patients due a recall a month ahead and allowing safety netting, by ensuring patients are not being missed off the system. 

Ardens Admin Searches

The Ardens Admin Searches folder consists of searches and reports to support practices with the management of national contract requirements such as PPA claims, along with appointment and registration activity. In addition to this, the Ardens Admin Searches folder will support practices with general housekeeping, ensuring relevant codes are in place to maintain the practice disease registers. 

Ardens Prescribing Safety Searches

The Ardens Prescribing Safety Searches folder will alert practices of potential clinical safety issues for their patients (in addition to the Ardens Clinical Safety Protocols), following the latest NICE and MHRA guidance. It includes medication searches to support pharmacists and clinicians in identifying possible medicine changes and reviews. 

Ardens CAS Alerts

The Ardens CAS alerts supports practices with identifying patients at risk based on the Central Alerting System.

Ardens Immunisation Searches

The Ardens Immunisation Searches folder contains searches to identify patient uptake and recall for childhood immunisation and identifies those patients eligible for shingles and pneumococcal vaccines . 

Ardens Miscellaneous Review Searches

The Ardens Miscellaneous Review Searches identifies patients that are suitable for a remote review for areas such as depression interim reviews and pill checks.

Ardens COVID19 Searches

To support practices with the management of COVID19, Ardens has provided the Ardens COVID19 Searches suite. The search suite includes searches to support the COVID vaccination programme, allowing practices to identify achievement and patients to call in. Along with searches to manage Long COVID patients and those requiring remote monitoring (COVID Oximetry @Home).

Ardens Flu Search Suite

Ardens offers a comprehensive flu tools to support practices with the flu season each year. The flu search suite identifies the number of flu vaccines to order each year, recall searches to manage the flow of patients attending the practice for a vaccine and data quality searches to identify coding anomalies. 

Ardens Frailty Management Searches

The Ardens Frailty Management Searches supports practices with the identification of possible frail patients and the management of those patients coded with the appropriate frailty code. 


Ardens Risk Stratification Searches

The Ardens Risk Stratification Searches have been designed to help practices focus on chronic disease reviews on higher risk patients. There is no formal guidance around how to do this and we have based our searches on recommendations that are supported by NHS England.

Ardens Time Sensitive Searches 

The Ardens Time Sensitive Searches supports practices with time limited QOF indicators. 

Ardens CQRS Searches 

The Ardens CQRS Searches supports practices with CQRS claims, including searches to identify coding errors which will affect payment.   

Ardens Case Finder Searches

The Ardens Case Finder Searches includes a comprehensive suite of Case Finding searches to support practices to improve data quality and ensure QOF payments are correctly calculated.

Ardens Condition Reports

The Ardens Condition Reports provides practices with in-depth searches to support management of conditions such as Cardiovascular, Frailty and EOL, Diabetes and Respiratory. The searches include an audit on the activity recorded in the previous month and performance indicators, plus case finding searches to identify patients that could potentially be on the practice disease registers. Please note - the following searches can be used in conjunction with our separate cloud-based reporting tool, Ardens Manager. Ardens Manager allows practices, PCNS, CCGs and Federation to report on this activity across the organisations. Further information on Ardens Manager can be found here

Ardens QOF Reports

The Ardens QOF Reports follows the latest Business Rules and allows practices to upload QOF data to the Ardens Manager QOF Dashboard. Practices can report on QOF achievement and identify work still to be done. Further information on Ardens Manager can be found here

Ardens National Contracts Reports

The Ardens Manager National Contracts Reports support practices with the latest national requirements. This includes searches focusing on PCN DES, supporting practices in identifying activity achieved and work remaining to be done for the financial year, along with monitoring SMI and NHS Health Check activity. 

Ardens Safeguarding Searches 

The Ardens Safeguarding Searches provides practices with a comprehensive suite of searches to help manage patients with an existing safeguarding code and identify patients with a potential safeguarding concerns. The safeguarding searches can be uploaded to Ardens Manger to monitor activity at practice, PCN and CCG level dependent on sharing agreements. 

Ardens Cancer Searches

The Ardens Cancer Searches supports practices in identifying possible cancer patients, monitoring screening uptake, and track patients requiring 2WW referrals, urgent diagnostics and symptom monitoring. 

Ardens Learning Disability Searches 

The Ardens Learning Disability searches assist practices with the management of learning disability patients.

To locate the Ardens searches and reports, please see the following support article.

For further information on how to best manage the Ardens Reporting suite, please see the following support article.

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