Ardens has created electronic versions of forms and letters relating to Registrations and Deductions.  These forms can be merged with your organisation details and/or your patient details and then printed as a blank document to hand to a patient for completion.


The available Registration and Deductions forms and letters include:

  • AUDIT alcohol screening questionnaire
  • Child Under 16 Registration Form
  • Data sharing info and form
  • GP Physical Activity Assessment GPPAQ
  • New Patient Registration Full
  • New Patient Registration Short
  • Online Access info and form
  • Out of area letter


To use the mergeable letters or forms, access the relevant patient record either:

  • Within a consultation - select Document > Create letter
  • From the patient record - select Add > Document > Create letter


This will display the New Patient Letter screen.


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Click on the magnify glass icon to search for the relevant document template.


This will display the Find Document Templates screen.


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Search for the document template using the search box provided (alternatively, for Resource Publisher sites, select Shared Folders > Ardens National Documents folder > Registrations and Deductions. For Template Manager sites, under the Hierarchy tab, select the Ardens Docs folder > Registrations and Deductions).



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Double click on the relevant document to launch.


The following example shows the New Patient Registration form.  

Once open within a patient record, the document will merge your organisation details, and then you will be able to print it to give to your prospective new patient.  Please remember not to save on to the patient record at this point.



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For the quick and easy inputting of the information onto the new patient’s record, once created, please use the New Patient Template, which can located via the Add > Data Using Template option in a patient record and searching for 'New Patient' (or via the folder navigation pane in the Ardens Live Toolset > Reception Admin Templates folder). 

For further information on the Ardens New Patient Template, please click here.


If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: