The Ardens Portal has been made available for practices to download and access the latest version of some of the Ardens EMIS resources.


Logging into the Ardens Portal

The Ardens Portal can be accessed here.


Users are required to create a login to access the Ardens resources due to clinical safety reasons. This enables us to have a full audit trail of which site has downloaded our resources.


If this is the first time you are accessing the portal, click on the 'Sign up' button to create an account (this process normally takes less then a minute). Please note - that you must sign up using your NHS Mail email address ( OR


For those that are already a portal user, enter your login details and click Sign in.


If you have forgotten you password, please contact


Accessing the Portal

Once logged in, you will see your organisation(s) listed under the 'My Organisations' section. Click on the Select button to the left of the organisation to continue. 


If you are unable to see your organisation listed or you are required to download for multiple organisations, please contact the Ardens Support Team at


Downloading  Document Templates  from the Portal

Once you have accessed your organisation, this will display the available Ardens templates for download. 

Please note - this will be selected templates only and practices will be updated with other templates by the Ardens Deployment Team. 


To help practices identify which resources have or have not been downloaded, icons are displayed next to the folder as follows:

  • A tick displayed next to the resources indicates you have downloaded the most recent version, the folder name is displayed in green writing.
  • An arrow indicates you have not downloaded the most recent version, the folder name is displayed in red writing.
  • Files highlighted in bold indicates this is an important update and you may want to check you have this latest version.


Once you have decided on which resource to download, click on the relevant link.


This will display the "Update" screen, click on the link next to the 'Download link' (it will look similar to the below):

Depending on your windows operating system, the Download option will display at the bottom of the screen, click on this to save the download (by default the file will save to your Downloads folder). *Please do not open the file until imported to EMIS*


Occasionally you may see a message ‘blocked because this type of file can harm your computer’.  The Ardens file will not damage your computer and selecting the 3 dots to the right and selecting Keep will enable you to download the file:

Importing the Document Template to your EMIS System

Often multiple Document Templates will be contained in a zipped file when downloaded. Before importing the file to EMIS, locate the folder (saved in your Downloads folder), right click and select the option for Extract All (as per below). We recommend to save this to your Desktop to easily locate in the following steps:


Click on the Browse button to extract to Desktop and click Extract button once selected.


Access your EMIS system and navigate to Template Manager (EMIS button > Configuration > Template Manager).


Ensure the Documents tab is selected and choose an appropriate folder to import the template, i.e the Ardens folder (If you do not already have an Ardens folder, please create one).


With the folder selected, click on the Import button located on the EMIS ribbon. Then the Folder option if the file contains multiple documents (do not worry we will let you know) or the Document option if importing a single document. 


Navigate to the saved file downloaded previously (please note - this will be an XML file) and click on the Open button.


The document will then be imported to the selected folder.


Once imported, we advise archiving old versions of the template. Select the template and click Archive on the EMIS ribbon.


If you need to download the latest Ardens Searches folders, please see the following support article.


If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: