Ardens has created a wide range of clinical templates to assist with data entry for a variety of clinical areas.


The available Respiratory Templates include:

  • Acute Cough - a template to record symptoms of an acute cough, any red flags present and when to consider a fast-track referral. The management page helps with decisions on prescribing antibiotics, considering pneumonia and COVID. There is a quick entry page that GPs may find useful to enter information in a quick, concise way.
  • Asthma Review - includes all requirements for GP (QOF) requirements and detailed review information - investigations, plan, interim recall (if necessary) and details of seasonal vaccinations. An exacerbation page details the expected differences between moderate, severe and life threatening exacerbations and allows the accurate recording of the attack. The template also includes suggestions of messages that the end user could copy and send to the patient.
  • Bronchiectasis - this template assists with recording symptoms, examination and investigations needed for bronchiectasis as well as coding or reviewing the diagnosis. There is also a page to record an exacerbation, with links to advice for clinicians & patients.
  • Chronic Cough and Breathlessness - for patients presenting with a chronic cough, enabling recording history, examination and investigation easier. Social observations and management of the condition can also be recorded.
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Review - includes a national contracts page which includes all the requirements of GP (QOF) Contract, plus detailed review pages. There is also a page to record exacerbations, links to patient information leaflets and examples of SMS messages that the end user could copy and send to the patient.
  • FeNO Testing - this template includes useful information about objective testing needed to help with a diagnosis of Asthma. It enables recording the results, observations, and any follow-up.
  • Latent TB - to record any probability of latent TB in patients who have returned from countries where there is high incidence of TB. The template also includes the criteria for testing.
  • PEFR Variability and Reversibility - another template to help with recording tests needed to assist with an Asthma diagnosis. Results can be recorded, any future plan and any referrals made.
  • Snoring and Obstructive sleep Apnoea - this template contains useful information about the condition, enables recording of history and lifestyle information. Examination of the patient and investigations including links to useful calculations can be recorded and any management plan agreed, with details on when to consider referral.
  • Spirometry - Spirometry performed can be recorded in the patients notes by using this template. Examination, contraindications and the interpretation of the results can be documented.
  • Suspected Asthma - for use with patients that have not had a definite diagnosis of asthma to record their assessment, investigations, management and their diagnosis of asthma or alternative if appropriate. There is a page with a suggestion of a message that could be copied and sent to a newly diagnosed asthma patient.
  • Suspected Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary - for use with patients presenting with symptoms of COPD but no diagnosis. The symptoms can be recorded accurately along with investigations etc that are needed before a a diagnosis of COPD including spirometry. There is also a message that can be copied and sent to the patient about the tests that have been done.
  • Targeted Lung Health Check - this template can be used to record results that have come into the practice from the radiologist, including any personal details e.g. smoking, height weight etc. There are also pages to record any actions taken by the Service, care co-ordinator or GP.

All the above include hyperlinks into useful websites and patient information leaflets.


The Respiratory templates are located in the Ardens Live Toolset > Clinical Templates folder.


They may be accessed within the patient record in one of the following ways:


  • Click on the Run Template option within the consultation.
  • Click on the Add > Data using Template option outside of a consultation.


Clicking on either of the options above will display the Template Picker screen. 

Search for the template you require using the search box provided or via the navigation pane. Select the template and click on OK.


Alternatively, you can launch the template using the Template Launcher (All Template Launcher or zTemplate launcher: Respiratory protocols). 


Once you have launched the template. Complete the template using the required fields and ensure you save the information, using the Save option.


If using the template via the Run Template option within an open consultation, you will also need to click Save to save the consultation.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: