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Ardens Searches:

Latest versions of the Ardens searches can be downloaded from the Ardens Portal.

15th July 2024

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3.15 Vaccinations - Flu 2024-25



New – the flu suite has been updated for 2024-25. It fully accommodates the staggered approach for this year, with only pregnant women and under 18s being eligible in September. It also accommodates the 60-64 cohort for the alternative vaccine types.

We have refreshed the ‘CLINICAL – review before recall’ folder to make this easier to follow and strongly recommend you carry out this work before inviting patients.

5.36 NHS Health Check 



Update to the ‘Ex smoker’ activity report to include the code ‘stopped smoking’.

Addition of a new data quality report to show patients who have had more than one NHS HC in the quarter as these patients may be skewing some of the activity data.


5.50 Contract Local (Generic)



Update to the Implants searches to include activity reports (aggregate reports) for simpler reporting on activity.

 5.21 Time Sensitive QOF 


Updated suite in line with changes to QOF for v49 for 2024-25.


5.37 Contract - 18-39 CVD Risk 



Update to the ‘ex smoker’ activity to include the code ‘stopped smoking’.

1.33 Administration – Activity


New suite of reports to review appointment, referral and other activity in practices. There is the option to look at just ‘last month’ and also at an alternative period, e.g. fiscal year.

8th July 2024

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5.36 NHS Health Check 



New – invitation searches added to allow users to invite on ‘Milestone birthdays (40,45,50,55,60,65,70).

New – additional ‘outcome’ searches to indicate patients who have had onward referral made further to an elevated BP, HbA1c or QRISK.

New – searches added to allow for additional invite to be sent to those who have not responded to 3+ invitations.

1.31 Administration - Registrations



New – addition of a suite of searches to support with Reasonable Adjustment Digital Flag requirements.

New – addition of a suite of searches to indicate patients who have dissented from SCR sharing, or, who have expressly consented only to core record sharing.


5.50 Contract Local (Generic)



Update – error corrected which was pulling the code ‘Local anaesthesia, by infiltration – 4459600’ in as an injection procedure.


5.20 - QOF Monitor



Update – minor changes made in line with the newly finalised QOF v49 business rules.


1.20 Ardens Diary Recall System



Update - Slight restructure to separate out diary recalls for Chronic Disease.

Update - Addition of new code for subcutaneous injection to prepare for change required as the original code is retired from EMIS. This needs to be done before updating templates, which will follow in due course.



4.14 Conditions - Cancer



Update - Several minor name changes.

Update - Cervical screening – rule added everywhere relevant to exclude anyone with a code which indicates complete removal of cervix

Update - Cervical screening – new code added to the ‘non-responder’ suite to accommodate the removal of the original non-responder code from EMIS.

New - Breast screening – ‘Screening not done’ searches added beneath each cohort in order to support practices with uptake among vulnerable groups.


2.25 Prescribing - Other



Significant change – this folder has been renamed; We have retired the ‘prescribing safety’ folder as much of the content is found elsewhere. Some of the searches from that folder now appear in Prescribing – Other (formerly called Prescribing – Reviews).

New – new searches for patients who have a repeat medication but no medication review diary entry.

New – new search to support practices with linking medications and problems, and with highlighting erroneous links.


3.22 MMR Catch-up 



Update - Correction to weight management claim search to remove upper age limit of 80 year old.

1st July 2024

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1.30 Administration - Misc


Update - Firearms search due to code being removed from EMIS.

2.15Prescribing CAS Alerts



New – added ‘indication’ column to reports to allow users to action new topiramate MHRA alert.

New – search to allow practices to identify patients currently receiving repeat prescriptions for warfarin and tramadol who they may wish to contact for review, further to recent MHRA alert. 


3.20 Pertussis Vaccination in Pregnancy 



Update - Pertussis in pregnancy – update to pregnancy rule to correct an error.


5.37 Contract - 18-39 CVD Risk 



Update - In line with recent NHS HC updates.


5.40 CQRS 



New – breakdown of ‘Monthly overview’ report into the constituent vaccines.



Ardens EMIS CQC Inspection Searches




Update - Small codelist changes and drug list refinements as part of routine maintenance.

21st June 2024

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2.15Prescribing CAS Alerts



Update – error fix within lamotrigine search.

19th June 2024

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5.50 Contract Local (Generic)



Update – due to the retirement of a coil removal code from EMIS, we have added the new code to the searches ahead of the code being updated with the template.

16th June 2024

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2.15Prescribing CAS Alerts



New - An additional search has been provided to surface current patients who are on Creon 10000, 25000 or Nutrizym 22 who are not currently prescribed a proton pump inhibitor or H2 receptor antagonist. The NPSA recommends to consider prescribing a proton pump inhibitor or H2 receptor antagonist to optimise PERT efficacy (in non cystic fibrosis indications).

New - search to help practices identify patients who may be affected by class 2 medicines recall for lamotrigine Desitin 10mg/ml oral solution. 


3.20 Childhood Immunisation 



Update - Recall > Early MMR 18m (London) – these searches have been refined to follow eligibility criteria more closely.

13th June 2024

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5.40 CQRS 



Update – the ‘Overview’ search and report has now got Hib/MenC, PPV, shingles and pertussis vaccines included as these had previously been missed out.

10th June 2024

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5.34 Contracts - NCD 24-25 (Beta)


New folder – this is an updated version of the 2023-24 NCD suite. Any fixed dates have been rolled on to make the suite work for the current financial year.


5.40 CQRS 



Update - Shingles data quality reports updated to correctly take account of the ‘requires shingles vaccination code.

Update - HPV data quality reports updated to report more accurately.



1.31 Ethnicity Searches



Update Ethnicity suite revised and updated to focus on the 2016 Ethnicity codes, as defined in the technical specifications for BAM definition for, e.g QOF obesity.

Update – General folders renamed for clarity.



3.20 Childhood Immunisation 



Update Pre-school booster recall – suite updated to include missing DTaP/IPV booster code.


5.36 NHS Health Check 



Update - Invitation searches – refined ‘family history of cardiovascular disease’ codelist used in invite prioritisation.

3rd June 2024

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4.14 Conditions - Cancer



Update - Further to feedback, we have updated these searches to include ‘patient reminder’ searches for breast and bowel screening. These identify patients who appear not to have been screened for 3y6m and 2y6m respectively as practices may want to send reminders to their patients as to the importance of this screening. We have also removed patients with bilateral mastectomy from the breast screening searches.

30th May 2024

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4.12 Conditions - Diabetes



Update - NDPP recall searches amended to exclude from eligibility those patients who have declined referral.

27th May 2024

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2.20 Prescribing Monitoring 



Update - Blood test due analyser CVD primary prevention folder removed as no longer needed for batch coding.

3.20 Pneumococcal 


Update - Pneumococcal invitation searches – 7-day gap introduced between 1st and 2nd invitations.

5.21 Time Sensitive QOF 



Update - Minor background changes to ensure accuracy of QOF register elements.

5.22 QOF Misc 



NEW – new suite of searches for exception reports for each QOF domain, designed to highlight those patients with a ‘manual’ exception added (e.g. patient unsuitable) for review and consideration this year.

Update – CHOL004 work to do reports updated to assist with prioritisation.

Ardens Clinical Templates:

Please note the following updates will reflect instantly for Resource Publisher sites. For Template Manager sites you will be manually updated during your next Ardens install.

April 2024

Template Name

Change Type


Suspected RA template (MSK folder)

Suspected depression template (Mental Health folder)

SGLT2i template 

Breast surgery referral template


Phimosis and paraphimosis

New Templates

New templates available.

Diabetes Review

Epilepsy Review

Depression Review

Bronchiectasis full review + QE

AAA full review

Varicose veins full review

DVT/phlebitis full review

GCA full review

Restless legs syndrome full review

General consultation full review

UTI in Men full review

UTI in Women full review

Nausea/vomit in pregnancy – full review and QE

Pharmacy technician review

Insomnia links and formatting mainly

PITSTOP templates

Vasectomy template update of consent and risks


Axial spondyloarthritis full review

Fever in <5s full review

Anxiety full review

Future planning

Asylum seekers and marginalised groups


Smoking status 

Snoring and OSA + EBI additions

SMR template full review


Updated Templates

The following templates have been updated.

March 2024

Template Name

Change Type


All Chronic Disease Templates


Chronic Disease templates are now saved in the 'Clinical Templates' folder. These templates are now smart versioned.

Suspected COPD

Suspected Dementia 

Suspected Epilepsy

Suspected Heart Failure

Suspected Stroke/TIA


Young Person’s Clinic

New Templates

New templates are available.

Future Planning Template


Removed eFI section, formatting updates of Frailty Diagnosis section.

Contraception Template


Update of wording for CSE on the Safeguarding page.

Childhood Immunisation Template


Updated in line with the new TB NICE update.

Asthma Review Template1


Minor tweaks.

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