Ardens has developed searches to support practices with CQRS claims. There are searches to support claims for:

  • Manual CQRS - for the services which require the practice to enter a figure manually into CQRS.
  • Automatic CQRS - extracts automatically.


The Manual searches will support practices by providing the number needed to put into CQRS.


The Automatic searches have been designed to be run in the practice ahead of the CQRS extraction date for the month. Therefore, if the CQRS extract date is on 9th November, we suggest practices to run these at the very start of the month and check that the numbers returned are in line with what is expected. If it is not, the practice will have the time to investigate and potentially correct some coding ahead of the extraction taking place.


How to Run the Auto and Manual Monthly Searches

To access the searches navigate to Population Reporting > Ardens Searches > 5.40 Contracts - CQRS 2022-25 search folder:

The searches have all been named to correspond to the CQRS ‘name’, e.g the Hepatitis B searches below are named HEP002 etc:

The searches have been written to look at activity ‘last month’ when run. Thus why we suggest to run the searches in November to see figures for October.


By using the ‘relative run date’ feature, the practice can be specific about the month they wish to report on. To use this feature:

  • Select the search (or the whole folder if appropriate) and choose the option for Run on the EMIS ribbon (alternatively right click on the search or folder and click Run):
  • Once the Run box displays, select the option for Advanced options


  • This will display an option to set the Relative run date. Please note - this date needs to be set to the first of the month. For the example below, we are reporting on activity in October, we therefore select the 1st November.



  • Click on Yes



The selected report(s) will run and the resulting data can be used.

Please note - patients that have left the practice or deceased patients, will not appear in the main auto or manual searches. For practices that wish to manually claim for left or deceased patients, please see the following search folders:

DISCLAIMER - Please be aware that the Ardens CQRS 6-in-1 searches only register coded information. Medication issues are not taken into account, due to EMIS web limitations in linking issue date to patient age.


Some patients may be identified by CQRS GPES extraction due to medication issues. These patients will only be identified by Ardens CQRS searches if they also have the vaccination coded on the same date.

Data Quality Checks Searches

The Data Quality Checks searches have been designed for practices to action potential errors which will affect payment. This could be due to:

  • Coding errors that can still be corrected
  • Historic errors that may be corrected
  • Incorrect intervals of age that can not be corrected

Please note - patients that can not be corrected will remain in the search.


These searches will look at last month's data once run. To view the list of patients to review and correct coding, click on the Population Included tab for the relevant searches.


If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: