The following instructions will guide you through activating the (Ardens Diary Recall System) tools. Please ensure the following before activating:

  • (Initial housekeeping) is completed
  • Relevant practice staff members are aware of how to (set a recall date), how to (identify a recall is due) and how to (manage a diary entry)

Activating the Ardens Diary Recall System Tools

Access the Template Manager or Resource Publisher module.

Locate the Ardens folder (for Resource Publisher sites, first click the Shared folder).

Navigate to the Diary Recall system folder.

The item displayed below is the Diary Recall Template, we suggest activating this straightaway to encourage staff to record the correct diary entries (diary entries can also be recorded via the existing Ardens templates).

The items below are the protocol alerts, we recommend doing the (initial housekeeping) before activating the protocols below.

The Diary Completer can be used to support the initial housekeeping, you may wish to activate this straightaway but please bear in mind this has an automatic trigger applied to it,. While you are in the process of completing the initial housekeeping, you may want to turn the trigger off and launch manually via the F12 key.

To activate the tools:

Right click on the item and select Status > Activate (alternatively select the item and click on the Activate option on the EMIS ribbon).

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: