The following document will guide you through locating the Ardens referral letter templates. 

Please note - this option is only available for practices and organisations who have purchased the Ardens Pro toolset package. For more information please click here.

Accessing Ardens Referral Letters from the Patient Record

From an open consultation in a patient record navigate to Documents > Create Letter in the left hand panel (alternatively outside of a consultation, click on the Add option on the EMIS ribbon and then Document > Create Letter).

This will open the New Patient Letter screen, which will display the document templates you have recently accessed. 

If the document is not displaying in the recently used list, click on the magnifying glass to search.  When a document is updated this should overwrite the old version of the document, however to ensure you are accessing the latest version you may wish to search for the document rather than selecting from your recently used list.

To search for the template use the search box provided or use the folder navigation pane and select first the Ardens folder, and then choose the second folder (which will either be called documents with a date or it may be named by your CCG)

Double click the required document to open or single click on item and select the OK button.

This will open the selected document.

Locating the Ardens Referral Letter Templates Folder using Template Manager or Resource Publisher

The below steps will show you where the referral templates have been stored in your EMIS Web system. Please note in order to follow these steps, you must have the relevant access rights. 

For practices with Template Manager:

Click on the EMIS bubble > Configuration > Template Manager > go to the document tab at the top of the column on the left-hand side of the page > Ardens folder.

There will be two folders:

  • Ardens Docs – this includes standard national documents templates that form part of your Ardens toolset and will have all the relevant mail merges in them.
  • The second folder will include the local referral document templates that have been supplied to Ardens.

For practices with Resource Publisher 

Click on the EMIS bubble > Configuration > Resource Publisher > go to the document folder in the left-hand column > Shared folder > Ardens folder. 

The folders will be as above.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: