The following support article will help you navigate to the Staff Activity searches and advise how best to use them.


Every time an Ardens Clinical Template is saved, a SNOMED code is saved in the patient record with details of the template name in free text. The Staff Activity reports in Ardens have been designed to be useful for monitoring how the Ardens clinical templates are being utilised in your practice and by whom.


How to Navigate to the Staff Activity Folder

To access the searches, navigate to the Population Reporting module Ardens Searches > 1.3 Ardens Admin Searches folder > Staff Activity folder to display the Ardens Template usage folder.

This Ardens Template Usage folder contains two additional folders:

  • Usage in all patients ever 
  • Usage in currently registered patients


These folders each contain searches breaking down the Ardens template usage by job type

  •  Admin
  • Allied Healthcare professionals
  • GPs 
  • Nurses

Each folder has a parent search of patients who have had an Ardens template saved in their record in the last twelve months and in the last quarter. 

These searches are then broken down into reports to show:


  1. An aggregate report that shows the number of times an Ardens template has been saved by that particular job role group.
  2. An aggregate report broken down by the number of times each member of a team has been used an Ardens template.
  3. A list report that will show the title of template used and by whom including the patient details. It is recommended that this report be exported to Excel to make sorting easier.


Outside of these folders there are similar but more generic searches that will report on all Ardens template usage across all job roles in the last quarter or in the last 12 months.

Searches can be run individually, by ticking the box “Run child searches” the reports underneath the search will also run.

Or the whole folder can be run, this will automatically run both searches and reports (including those in separate folders within the main one).

Exporting Reports into Excel

 The configuration of the list reports “See details of template usage” enables the free text details recorded as the template title to be brought into Excel. The lists can be then easily filtered by type of template or user.

To export a report into Excel - when the report has been run, view the report, once open “ExportA close up of a sign

Description automatically generated  with Excel as the format.

Save the report onto your PC desktop or an appropriate folder.


If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: