We have provided an F12 protocol which a call-taker can use to identify which conditions a patient has been recalled for. 

Example – if a patient has received a generic recall invitation and has then called the practice to book the appointment, the call taker will launch the F12 protocol, which will then look for an invitation code with no subsequent review for that condition. It will then display what the patient has outstanding. 

To Add the Protocol to your F12 key

Please note the protocol needs to be added to each individual users F12 key.

Press the F12 key anywhere in your EMIS Web system to launch the Protocol Launcher screen.

Right click on a available letter or number and select the option for Add, this will launch the Protocol Picker screen.

Search for the 'LTC recall letter sent display' protocol using the search box provided.

Select the protocol and click on OK.

This will then be available on your Protocol Launcher list when you are ready to use.

Using the F12 Protocol

When the patient contacts the practice to book an appointment, the call taker will press F12 key on their keyboard to launch the Protocol Launcher screen and then double click on the 'LTC Recall letter sent display' protocol.

This will display the following screen, showing which reviews the patient is being recalled in for:

If the patient has no reviews outstanding, the following message will display.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens Support on: support-emis@ardens.org.uk