Ardens has developed a suite of searches to support practices with the COVID vaccination programme. These searches will help practices with identifying which patients to invite and provide an overview of what has been achieved. 

IMPORTANT: The eligibility as defined in the Green Book for seasonal influenza and COVID-19 vaccines is similar but not identical. This has resulted in differences between the underlying code-sets which are used in the Ardens reports for both. This means some patients might just be included in the seasonal influenza invitation reports but not the COVID-19 invitations reports, and vice versa. 

There is currently no published code-list to define "clinical risk groups" or "immunocompromised individuals". We have built a high quality code-list based on The Green Book definition to identify at-risk patients but we know that our searches will differ slightly from the codes that EMIS Health will use as The Green Book definitions are open to interpretation.

To access the searches, navigate to the Population Reporting module > Ardens Searches > 3.10 Vaccinations - COVID Spring-24 folder.

The search folder is broken down by the following sub folders:

  • 1. For review before invitation or visit - highlights patients to be reviewed before sending a COVID vaccine invitation. 
  • 2. For invitation/visit - patients eligible to be invited for a COVID vaccine.

*Practices can download the most recent version of the COVID Vaccination searches from the Ardens Portal*

1. For review before invitation or visit

We recommend practices review this folder prior to sending any COVID vaccine invitations, this is to ensure the all relevant patients are appearing in the correct invitation lists. Once initially reviewed, we then suggest monitoring this folder periodically. 

The title of searches will make it clear the information that needs to be checked e.g. ?Still contraindicated, this implies a previous contradiction code had been recorded for the patient and we recommend checking whether this needs to reapplied for this season. 

2. For Invitation/visit

This folder is broken down by cohorts; run and access the relevant folder:

Each folder will follow a similar search structure:

  • 1.  Not housebound -  identifies patients eligible for a COVID vaccine that do not have a declined or contraindication code.
  • Invited for spring booster sub search will return eligible patients that have been coded with an invite since 15/3/24.
  • Not invited for spring booster sub search will return eligible patients that are yet to be invited. This search is further broken down by communication method (SMS,Email, Post).
  • 2. Housebound - identifies housebound patients eligible for a COVID vaccine that do not have a declined or  contraindication code. 

Each search will include an Accubook ready report, to be used for batch inviting. Click on the 'View Results' button on the EMIS ribbon to view the report and export if required:

z. Denominator and Subreports  

This folder is to only be used to check why patients maybe falling in certain risk groups.

From the searches in this folder, you are able to use the 'Check Patient' function described above and it will let you know which code is on the record and is putting the patient on the relevant list.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: