The NHS Weight Management National Enhanced Service aims to support practices to develop a proactive approach to the identification and support of patients with obesity (defined by this Enhanced Service as BMI at least 30, or at least 27.5 if Black, Asian, or other ethnic minority groups).

There is £20m funding for this service and GP practices will be given an initial referral allocation of at least 1/3 of the number of patients on the QOF Obesity register as at 31 Mar 2020. Payment will be £11.50 per referral up to the limit of the referral allocation.

To support the requirements of the enhanced service, Ardens has the following resources available.

Weight Management and Obesity Template

The 'Weight Management and Obesity' clinical template includes a summary of this Enhanced Service and allows clinicians to code when a referral is made.

To locate the template, access the relevant patient record. Open a new consultation and select the Run Template option (alternatively select the Add > Data Using Template option outside of a consultation).

Search 'Weight' using the search field provided in the Template Picker screen, to return the template.

Double click on the template to launch. 

The QOF only page includes data fields to capture the patients height, weight and BMI, along with useful patient information links.

The Weight Management Enh Service page outlines the requirements of the enhanced service. Please note - the required SNOMED code ("Referral to weight management service") is not yet available in EMIS Web. Ardens has therefore substituted the code "Referral to weight management service offered" instead. Since the claim is manual it shouldn't matter that a different code is used.

The Digital Weight Management page offers guidance on the referral criteria.

Weight Management ES Searches

To support practices with identifying patients eligible for this enhanced service, the following searches are available in the 5.3 Ardens National Contrct Reports folder.

Right click on the folder and select Run to display the search results.

The top search will return patients on the practice Obesity register. This further consists of child searches:

  • Obesity I Consider weight referral as obesity - this is the practices 'to do' list, the patients that meet this criteria will display in the Population Reporting tab. There is further funding requirements for these patients.
  • Obesity l Obesity + weight referral declined - 1/7/21 - 31/3/22 - patients with an appropriate declined code coded in this period.
  • Obesity I Obesity + weight referral declined - last month - patients with an appropriate declined code coded in the last month.
  • Obesity I Obesity + weight referral done - 1/7/21 - 31/3/22 - patients with an appropriate referral done code coded in this period. 
  • Obesity I Obesity + weight referral done - last month - patients with an appropriate referral done code coded in last month.

Digital Weight Management Referral

Ardens has produced a EMIS version of the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme referral form. To locate document, access the relevant patient care record and click on Add > Document > Create Letter options on the EMIS ribbon.

This will launch the New Patient Letter screen, click on the magnify glass to search for the document. 

Using the search field, type in 'Digital', this will return the 'NHS+I Digital Weight Management Programme (DWMP)' form.

Double click to launch the document.

This document will populate the patients relevant details, further tick boxes and text fields are available where appropriate.

Once the document is completed, click on the File icon (yellow folder) to Save and Close back to the patient record.

If referring via eRS, continue with the normal process and attach the document via Clinical Content.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: