We have designed alerts to assist practices with identifying when the patient is due their recall. The following instructions will guide you through how to identify a recall is due for a patient that is included in the Ardens Diary Recall System

Once the recall has been recorded using the appropriate Ardens template, this will display as an alert within the patient record. The Reception team will also be prompted of any recalls due for the patient at point of booking.

Identifying a Recall is Due within the Patient Record

Any diary entries (included in the Ardens Diary Recall System) that is due for the patient within a month or still remains outstanding 12 months prior, will display in the pink alert box when loading the patient Care Record.

Please note -  you are unable to update the diary entry via the alert. To update the recall, this does require a new diary entry date being recorded (e.g. via Diary Recall Template), or completed if no longer required (click here for further information on completing a diary entry). 

Reception Reminder

The Reception team will be reminded of any recalls due for the patient within a month or still remains outstanding 12 months prior, when booking an appointment. The alert is triggered when the Book Appointment button is selected. The reminder will display as follows:

The top half of this screen will display details of the recall due.

Further actions are available as follows:

  • Book an appointment - this option will launch the Find Slot screen to book a further appointment for the patient,
  • Create a task - will open the task screen.
  • Check for results that have come in after diary dates - will display a further pop up and inform the receptionist if it appears from the record that the patient has since had a subsequent result (further information on this alert can be found here).
  • Skip this time - will close the screen and return to the Appointment Book.

Select the appropriate action to continue.

Next step - Learn how to complete diary entries

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: support-emis@ardens.org.uk