Ardens has designed a suite of standardised clinical templates, to support practices with chronic disease management. The templates offer localised best practice guidance and SNOMED compliant coding of clinical data covering many clinical areas to save time during consultations and ensure all clinicians whether they are GPs, nurse practitioners, or paramedics are following the same national and local clinical guidelines. 

Accessing the Chronic Disease Templates

When a chronic disease problem code is entered into the patient record, the user will be made aware of an Ardens template available in the pink alert box.

To launch the template from a consultation – click on the Run Template option on the EMIS ribbon

To launch the template from outside a consultation – click on the Add > Data using template option on the EMIS ribbon.

This will launch the Template Picker screen, from here search for the template by entering the abbreviation in the search box provided (alternatively use the folder navigation pane to navigate to the Ardens > Chronic Disease templates folder).

The following Ardens Chronic Disease templates are available:

Select the relevant template and click OK.

Please note - Ardens templates will contain (Ardens) in the description.

Using the Chronic Disease Templates

The Ardens Chronic Disease templates are structured in a similar way. The templates have been broken down into named pages, to make it easy for any practice staff member to navigate to the information required. 

  • Template Information -  details about the template, version control and link to the support centre.
  • QOF - contains all QOF requirements for the current financial year.
  • Review - for clinicians to complete a full clinical review. Includes best practice, local and national guidance and QOF information. 
  • Initial diagnosis -  guidance to support clinicians on making a diagnosis for the particular condition.
  • Management Guidelines - links to current guidelines.
  • Referrals - national guidance on referral criteria.
  • Vaccinations - ability to codes seasonal vaccinations.
  • Review and Recall - to record a review has been completed and options to add a further recall for the patient. This will be picked up in the Ardens Diary Recall System.
  • Patient Resources - links to patient information.
  • Learning points - links to online appraisals e.g. Fourteen Fish, Clarity.

Additional pages will display depending on the condition.

Throughout all of the Ardens templates, any text displayed in red relates to contract work 

Text displayed in black relates to best practice information.

Complete the template using the required fields and ensure you save the information, using the Save Template option.

For Plus and Pro Customers

Ardens offers a Local Commissioned Service module which includes templates and reporting to assist practices with recording data and complying with local contract specifications, with aggregate reporting to assist the CCG with monitoring performance and paying practices.

Practices on the Plus and Pro packages may see additional pages or sections displaying local information or assisting with data entry for local services. These pages or sections will always have a * at the start of their name.

Please ensure the local tagging protocol is run at the practice to display this information.


We recommend practices carry out a housekeeping task on all existing clinical templates, to make using the Ardens resources for EMIS Web as streamlined as possible. Please click here for further information on this.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: