Achieving contractual requirements has become increasingly complex with large numbers of targets, and clinicians working across different GP practices within PCNs. We recently delivered a webinar on how practices can achieve maximum income for the remainder of the fiscal year and you can access the recording here.

This support article will outline the available Ardens resources to support practices with maximising income for areas such as QOF, IIF, and enhanced services including flu via CQRS.

Achieving QOF Targets

QOF continues to be a major source of income for most GP practices. It is essential that clinicians and the management team understand how QOF points are linked to income, and what areas need close monitoring at this time of year.

Please see useful support articles below to support this area.


Understanding prevalence

How to increase prevalence using the Ardens Case Finder searches

Identifying registration anomalies affecting prevalence 

Chronic Disease Management

Recalling patients for long term conditions

Recording data using the Ardens Chronic Disease Templates

Recording data for patients with multiple conditions 

Vaccination and Immunisations

Identifying patients who are not yet vaccinated (including coding errors)

Time Sensitive Indicators

Identifying time limited QOF indicators 

QOF Exceptions

Understanding QOF exception rates 

Monitoring QOF Achievement

Ardens Manager QOF Dashboard  

Monitoring Network DES Achievement

Network DES Searches

Ardens Manager National Contracts Dashboard 

Seasonal Flu

Most GP practices are familiar with this National Enhanced Service and there is a difference between National Enhanced Services (£10.06 for each vaccine given) and IIF Flu targets (point based, payment made across PCN). Please see the Maximising Income Webinar for further details on this, access here

Please see useful support articles below to support this area.

Monitoring Flu Achievement

Ardens Flu Search Suite

Recording Flu Vaccine Data

Ardens Flu Protocol

National Enhanced Services via CQRS

CQRS is the system used to auto-extract data from EMIS Web to make payments for National Enhanced Services. Many GP practices do not check these payments are accurate and there are often significant data quality issues with GP practice data that lead to lower CQRS payments.

Please see useful support article below to support this area.

Identifying Coding Errors Affecting Payment

CQRS searches 

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: