The following support article offers guidance for online training for the clinicians, depending on the individual requirements.

For an Overview of the Ardens EMIS Functionality

If you require an introduction of the Ardens EMIS functionality, please click here for a 49-min demonstration presented by Miles Carter, Chief Executive.

How to Identify and action the Ardens Alerts

Practice staff maybe alerted in real-time of potential clinical safety issues for patients or incorrect/missing coding requirements whilst capturing data. For further information on how to identify these alerts and action accordingly, please see the following support articles:

Ardens Clinical Safety Alerts

Ardens Data Quality Alerts

How to Locate and use the Ardens EMIS Clinical Templates

Ardens offers a variety of clinical templates to support all practice staff in capturing consistent accurate data. To learn how to locate and use the Ardens clinical templates, please see the following support article (includes a 5-min video).

For full details on the available Ardens templates, please see the following support article.

Managing Patients with Long Term Conditions

Ardens has created a number of resources to support practices with the management of patients with long term conditions.

To identify patients to be called in for their chronic disease reviews, the Ardens Chronic Disease (QOF) recall system (month-of birth recall system) can be used to help streamline this process. If you are interested in learning more about how this works, please see the recent webinar.

Clicking on the links below, will show the resources available for the following chronic diseases:


Atrial Fibrillation








Heart Failure 


Learning Disability

Mental Health



Pre -Diabetes

Rheumatoid Arthritis


To manage patients with multiple conditions, the Ardens 'Multi-Morbidity' templates can be used as a 'one stop' template to capture elements for a full annual review. Please see the following support article.

Managing Ad-Hoc Recalls

The Ardens Diary Recall System allows practice staff to easily manage diary recalls for blood tests, injections, procedures and follow-ups. 

To view the recent webinar for Diary Recall System, click here.

For online instructions for the Diary Recall System, click here.

Monitoring Practice Activity using the Ardens Reporting Suite

Ardens includes a large suite of searches and reports to help practices improve on patient care, increase clinical safety and maximise practice income. For an overview of the searches included, please see the following support article. 

To view the recent webinar for the Ardens searches and reports useful for the clinicians, click here.

Launching a Referral Document (Ardens Pro sites only)

For information on how to locate and use an Ardens Referral letter, please see the following support articles:

How to locate the Ardens referral templates

How to complete an Ardens referral template

New Starter Training

We provide monthly new starter trainer webinars for the Practice Management Team, GPs, Nurses and the Admin team. Please see the below links to our most recent training:

For GPs and ANPs - click here.

For Nurses and HCAs - click here.

For Pharmacists - click here.

If you would like to attend the next monthly new starter training, please email

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: