The following support article will give an overview of the available Ardens resources to support practices with QOF 2022/22. Please also see the following webinar were spoke about the GP contract changes.

Ardens Searches

Ardens has developed a suite of comprehensive EMIS Web searches and reports to assist practices with the management of contract requirements:

  • Registration Anomalies – searches to identify patients not fully registered, therefore not included in almost all searches payment extractions are based on.
  • Ardens LTC Recall System  - a month of birth recall system, designed to recall a patient for multiple conditions at once.
  • QOF Vaccination and Immunisation Searches - QOF searches to identify missing coding requirements and help manage QOF vaccination indicators.  
  • Chronic Disease Risk Stratification Searches - designed to help practices focus on chronic disease reviews for higher risk patients.  
  • Ardens Time Sensitive Searches  - suite of searches to help you monitor QOF indicators which have a time limitation for achievement.  
  • Ardens Case Finders – searches to increase prevalence, identifying patients who do not have a QOF diagnosis code, however they have something in their records that denotes perhaps they should.  
  • Ardens Manager QOF Report – this report enables practices to upload QOF data to Ardens Manager to monitor achievement.  For more information on Ardens Manager and details on how to sign up, please click here.


Ardens Clinical Templates

Ardens has designed a suite of standardised clinical templates, to support practices with chronic disease management. The templates offer localised best practice guidance and SNOMED compliant coding of clinical data covering many clinical areas to save time during consultations and ensure all clinicians whether they are GPs, nurse practitioners, or paramedics are following the same national and local clinical guidelines. 

Ardens Chronic Disease Templates

All the Ardens Chronic Disease templates follow the latest NICE guidance and best practice information. They include a contracts page for capturing all the QOF requirements for the current financial year and review pages to complete a structured review.


For more information on resources available for each Chronic Disease please click here.

Multi-Morbidity Templates

As well as the individual Chronic Disease templates, Ardens has designed Multi-Morbidity templates to help manage patients with multiple long term conditions. 


For more detailed information on the Ardens Multi-Morbidity Templatesplease see our dedicated support article.


Childhood Immunisations Template

In order to meet the requirements for QOF it is important that the correct vaccination codes are applied to the patients record. The Ardens Childhood Immunisation template can be used to follow the latest guidance and to ensure relevant QOF vaccination codes are recorded.

For more detailed information on the Ardens Childhood Immunisations template, please see our dedicated support article.


Adult Immunisations Template

The Ardens Adult Immunisations template provides the relevant QOF codes to ensure eligible patients for shingles are picked up for QOF achievements.


Ardens Data Quality Alerts

Ardens constantly monitors all clinical data as it is typed in EMIS Web and will either automatically correct coding errors where the error is obvious, or alert users with a clear and simple message explaining what the coding error is and how to fix it.  These alerts will ensure accurate QOF coding in real time as the user enters codes, therefore increasing your prevalence and maximising income.


For more detailed information on the Ardens Data Quality Alerts, please see our dedicated support article.


If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: