The following support article will outline the available Ardens resources to support practices with the management of QOF.  

Ardens Searches

The Ardens searches supports GP practices with increasing prevalence by identifying patients missing from the practice disease registers, keeps track of those time sensitive QOF indicators which need to be completed in a set time frame and streamlines the recalling of long-term condition patients for annual reviews to be completed in a timely manner. The searches to support QOF can be found below (click on the links to access further detailed information):


Ardens Chronic Disease Templates

The Ardens Chronic Disease templates will support GP practices with the correctly coding QOF activity and to follow best practice guidance.

The Chronic Disease Template folder includes a template for each chronic disease. Each template contains a QOF only page for capturing all the QOF requirements for the current financial year and Review pages to complete a full structured review.

 For patients that present with co-morbidities, the Ardens Multi-Morbidity templates have been designed to help manage patient with multiple conditions.


It consists of two templates to support HCAs with initially capturing examination and findings for the patient before seeing the GP/Nurse further to capture other elements of the review.


The templates are smart working and will only display certain pages in the template if the patient has been coded with the particular condition.


For further information on the Ardens Chronic Disease template click here.

For further information on the Ardens Multi-Morbidity templates click here.

For instructions on how to locate the Ardens templates within your EMIS system click here.

Ardens Data Quality Alerts

Ardens constantly monitors all clinical data as it is typed in EMIS Web and will alert users of any incorrect coding errors and missing QOF requirements. This will ensure accurate QOF coding in real time as the user enters codes, therefore increasing your prevalence and maximising income.


For more detailed information on the Ardens Data Quality Alerts click here.

Other Areas for QOF 2021/22

Practices may wish to consider the following resources to support other areas of QOF for this financial year:


If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: